Gina M. Milani

Strategist, Storyteller, Influencer, Writer

Track record of developing strong story lines and transforming them into assets that bridge the gap between what a brand wants to say and content that inspires prospects to take action. High tolerance for ambiguity, matched with a deep passion for organizing it for success.

San Francisco Bay Area, California
United States
Adept at working across global time zones


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Product: Rev-Trac
Customer: Revelation Software Concepts (Melbourne, AU)
Target Audience: SAP Release Managers
Goal: Lead Generation
Product: Salt (Rebranded “Insights” in 2018)
Customer: Revelation Software Concepts (Melbourne, AU)
Target Audience: SAP Developers
Goal: Raise awareness and generate interest in this new product.  A webinar was produced first, and many of the questions asked formed the foundation of the FAQ in the eBook which was also used as a lead gen device.
Customer:Strategic Response Systems
Target Audience:CEO/CTO
Role:Writing and Design direction
Goal:Lead Generation/N. American Market
Customer:Public Relations Society of America (pro-bono)
Role:Content, Art Direction, Pricing
Goal:To clearly present sponsorship opportunities for the PRSA Independent Practitioner’s Alliance Section.

eBook + Contributed Article Campaign (IT Pro)

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Customer:Creative Intellect Consulting UK – (08/2018)
Target Audience:SMEs across verticals – market researchers
Goal:CIC is launching a new data-driven product called Discovered Insights.  To support the launch and generate leads, an eBook was developed for use with CIC’s internal mailing list.  A contributed article was also developed for a campaign across IT PRO tech channels in the UK (this campaign is pending.)

eBook Verticalization

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Choosing IT Services that deliver competitive advantage: Insights from Strategic Response Systems

Product:IT Services
Customer:Strategic Response Systems (2018/19)
Target Audience:CEO/CTO/Partner
Goal:SRS wanted to create a strategy for their IT Services with a focus on two verticals – construction and legal.  The goal was to introduce SRS, create a positive impression and be able to use the eBooks as a gated asset on the separate websites as well as in email marketing campaigns. Each website also had 6 pieces of collateral (ungated) supporting the website content focused on each individual service area.  

White Papers

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Customer:Revelation Software Concepts – (02/2015)
Target Audience:CIO
Goal:The goal of this white paper was to directly address our biggest competitor – the status quo.  This piece was a top performing asset in Marketo. 
Customer:Revelation Software Concepts – (06/2016)
Target Audience:CIO, Project Managers
Role:Research/writing/stock photo selection
Goal:To ID all of the players in the buy decision for SAP change control software and build awareness across disciplines about how change control affects their job.
Customer: TechFabric (09/2019)
Target Audience: CEO, CIO, Chief Architects
Role: Research/writing/customer relations
Goal: To introduce readers to the benefits of API-led architecture in application development.

Customer Case Studies

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Target Audience:CEO & CTO
Goal:Lead Nurture
Product:Rev-Trac Consulting & Implementing Services
Customer:Revelation Software Concepts – (02/2018)
Target Audience:SAP Change Control Team
Role:Series creator/Research/writing
Goal:Industry-focused Rev-Trac Consulting case studies are modeled on actual implementations, but have company-identifiable information removed. The goal is to provide insights into the Rev-Trac implementation process in specific vertical industries.

Event Planning & Promotion

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Trade show experience (logistics, media/analyst relations/booth messaging/sales training)

Trade shows: JavaOne (San Francisco)
SAP Sapphire (Orlando)
SAP TechEd (Las Vegas)
Microsoft Ignite (Los Angeles)
Gartner IT Symposium/Expo (Orlando)
API World (San Jose)