Gina Milani

Strategist, Storyteller, Writer

Track record of developing strong story lines and transforming them into assets that bridge the gap between what a brand wants to say and content that inspires prospects to take action.

San Francisco Bay Area, California
United States
Adept at working across global time zones


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Customer: Strategic Response Systems


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Product: Application Development/Co-Innovation
Customer: TechFabric (Phoenix, AZ)
Target Audience: Auto FinTEch Market / Digital Transformation
Goal: Inform/Educate/Lead Gen
Product: Rev-Trac
Customer: Revelation Software Concepts (Melbourne, AU)
Target Audience: SAP Release Managers
Goal: Lead Generation
Customer:Strategic Response Systems
Target Audience:CEO/CTO
Role:Writing and Design direction
Goal:Lead Generation/N. American Market

eBook Verticalization

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Product: IT Services
Customer: Strategic Response Systems
Target Audience: CEO/CTO/Partner
Goal: SRS wanted to create a strategy for their IT Services with a focus on two verticals – construction and legal. The goal was to introduce SRS, inform prospects on the wide range of services and generate leads. Six individual service area assets were also created and used in a customized, 8-part email nurture lead gen program to each vertical.

White Papers

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Product: Cybersecurity Infrastructure Solution
Customer: Strategic Response Systems
Target Audience: CEO, CTO, CIO, Business Owners
Role: Research/writing/stock photo selection, art direction
Goal: Introduce SRS technique that can identify IT and cybersecurity operational gaps and vulnerabilities within an organization.
Product: Rev-Trac
Customer: Revelation Software Concepts
Target Audience: CIO, Project Managers
Role: Research/writing/stock photo selection
Goal: To ID all of the players in the buy decision for SAP change control software and build awareness across disciplines about how change control affects their job.
Customer: TechFabric
Target Audience: CEO, CIO, Chief Architects
Role: Research/writing/customer relations
Goal: To introduce readers to the benefits of API-led architecture in application development.

Customer Case Studies

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Target Audience:CEO & CTO
Goal:Lead Nurture
Customer: iLending Direct/AutoFinTech
Type Auto Refi Platform
Customer: Zoodealio/Real Estate Industry
Type Institutional Buying (iBuyer Market)

Event Planning & Promotion

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Trade show experience (logistics, media/analyst relations/booth messaging/sales training)

Trade shows: JavaOne (San Francisco)
SAP Sapphire (Orlando)
SAP TechEd (Las Vegas)
Microsoft Ignite (Los Angeles)
Gartner IT Symposium/Expo (Orlando)
API World (San Jose)