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On the road to success, your company will communicate with a wide variety of audiences; customers, prospects, media, analysts, employees, and partners. All of these constituencies make up your “web of influence.” Members of the media talk to analysts, analysts talk to customers, customers talk to prospects, and your partners and employees are your best brand ambassadors. Milani explains your technology in ways that are clear and compelling, with constancy of brand and message across the wide variety of story-telling channels available today. We find the value inherent in your technology and present its tangible benefits in ways each audience in the market can understand and appreciate; driving results that you can see and measure.



Gina Milani, Principal

Gina Milani is an accomplished integrated marketer and analyst relations professional with a passion for storytelling and content development. Gina specializes in developing successful communications infrastructures for enterprise software companies, including startups, seeking to grow and scale.


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Milani Marketing and Public Relations works primarily with enterprise software companies including start-ups. Over the years we’ve worked with wide range software companies including…


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Example Clients

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Backbase (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

A pioneer in Ajax Technology and leader in RIA Customer Engagement solutions

Digipede Technologies (Oakland, CA)

The leading provider or distributed computing solutions on Microsoft .NET platform

Exadel (Concord, CA)

Leading provider of professional services for developing customized Web 2.0 applications, helping business large and small deploy rich internet applications

Ivis Technologies (U.S.)

Provider of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) soultions

JetBrains, s.r.o. (Prague, Czech Republic & St. Peretsburg, Russia)

Creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing development tools for software development and creators of IntelliJ IDEA __ the market's only remaining commercial Java IDE.

Koders, Inc. (Santa Monica, CA)

Open Source and enterprise code search solutions (acquired by Black Duck Software in 2008)

Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO,L) (UK)

Mainframe enterprise application management and modernization solutions

Polarion (Munich, Germany)

Creators of fully integrated application lifecycle management solutions and services based on subversion

PointBase (U.S.)

Pioneer in small-footprint, Java embedded databases and wireless technologies (acquired by DataMirror in 2003)

Revelation Software concepts (Melbourne, Australia)

SAP-specific Change Control Automation Technology

SperaSoft & SperaSoft Studios for Game Development (Santa Clara, CA & Russia)

A Silicon Valley outsourcing specialist providing high-value, project-dedicated development teams based in Russia. SperaSoft Studios is the digital art division of Silicon Valley high-end outsourcing specialist (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Online Resume and personal branding resource for Java developers working on open-source software (OSS)

TechExcel (Lafayette, CA)

The leader in unified Application Lifecycle Management as well as Support and Service solutions that bridge the divide between product development and service/ support

TmaxSoft (Chicago, IL)

TmaxSoft is a global software innovator focused on infrastructure and data modernization.

Milani is a long-standing member of PRSA and embraces their code of ethics which emphasizes the adherence to the highest standards of accuracy and truth in advancing the interests of those we represent and in communicating with the public. We keep to the code.


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