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The disciplines of marketing, communications and particularly public relations are changing. Today there are many more channels, far fewer editors, ever evolving digital technologies, and significantly more competition for attention.

This makes it more important than ever to start first with identifying achievable goals and then crafting the integrated marketing strategy or, marketing mix, to achieve them.

With change, also comes opportunity.

Clients (Past and Present)

Milani Marketing & Public Relations is a woman-owned strategic consulting firm dedicated to helping executives shape their corporate value proposition through results-driven, dynamic storytelling and engaging content development.

Milani has a long track record of success in helping companies including start-ups create a strong foundation from which to grow, embracing operational processes that have a very high level of transparency, so you’ll always know where your investment is going, and what return you can expect.

Methods and services cover a broad range of marketing and public relations activities: analyst relations, thought leadership, media relations, trade shows & sales support, content development and most recently digital marketing services.


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How we work

Being a virtual agency, Milani is highly strategic, nimble and enables the kind of scalability not easily achieved with the traditional agency model. When needed, Milani can tap in to other Independent PR specialists on a project basis. This network of highly skilled, senior PR practitioners is an excellent resource making it a strategic advantage on either a short or long-term or a project basis.

Gina is a results-driven professional, with a comprehensive communications and integrated marketing background with a focus on enterprise software. She has over 25 years of hands-on experience building successful marketing programs for enterprise software clients both foreign and domestic.

Gina honed her skills on the tech agency side, then on the high-tech start-up side before starting her own virtual agency in 2001. She also spent many years in public sector marketing and as a result developed, and continues, a strong commitment to transparency and to being a good custodian of her clients’ marketing dollars.

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