High Value, No Surprises

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For business-efficient service, no agency with a centralized physical office can match the low overhead possible with the virtual model. The value proposition is really very simple – if you don’t pay for a big building and don’t have employees, you can offer senior level services for far less than traditional agencies – that’s a lot of value. Milani has a long track record of being a good custodian of PR budgets. Our reporting and processes have a very high level of transparency, so you’ll always know where your PR dollars are invested by program area – and the ROI achieved.

Scalable and available across time zones

The virtual model is nimble and enables the kind of scalability not easily achieved with the traditional model. The virtual model enables us to draw on experts in enterprise software, no matter where they may be located. Because we have worked with clients from Australia to Russia we are accustomed to working across time zones and are flexible in meeting client and team needs. When needed, Milani can tap in to other Independent PR specialists on a project basis. This network of highly skilled, senior PR practitioners is an excellent resource making scalability practical and a strategic advantage on either a long-term or a project basis.

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