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Market analysts directly and indirectly influence other opinion makers and the purchasing decisions that result. Analysts can be the toughest critics you will come across in your company’s growth to success, but for many companies, establishing strong analyst relationships can have the highest ROI. To be successful you need a professional that that can ensure analysts are aware of you and fully understand your company’s value proposition.

Analyst briefings, conducted with members of the management team, communicate to the analysts your company’s strategic value and familiarize them with new product versions or enhancements. Such briefings help them understand changes in your positioning and corporate vision, or appreciate your significant new customer wins. Because analysts hold dozens of such briefings every week, Milani ensures they leave with a strong and positive impression, so you stand out from the dozens of companies they track. Executed with skill and experience, our results become a crucial step toward helping opinion-makers not only accept you, but also to look favorably upon your company and its prospects.

Also important is that information gleaned from analyst vendor briefings or inquiries informs story development for media and can contribute to your content marketing and social media efforts as well.

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