Revelation Software Concepts

Revelation Software Concepts,
Pty, Ltd. (Melbourne, Australia)
SAP-specific Change Control Software

Primary audience: CTO/CIO top 20% largest SAP users globally

In 2003 Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) was preparing to introduce its flagship Rev-Trac SAP Change Control technology to the U.S. market. Though well known in Europe and Asia/Pacific regions, RSC Rev-Trac had little name or brand recognition in North America. To be visible in the SAP community, a company must be perceived as an active participant, something not always best achieved solely by PR and media relations. With MMPR's active help, RSC now participates annually in SAP's Sapphire and TechEd trade shows, has developed some well-received strategic webinars on their technology, and continues to reach out to analysts who cover this very specific niche. Both interest and company recognition continue to grow for RSC. To that end, MMPR.

  • Established and maintained contact with niche-specific and influential analysts
  • Placed focus on creating customer case studies and on getting customer participation in releases
  • Increased advertorial exposure in key SAP publications
  • Expanded frequency of press announcements
  • Placed contributed feature stories where valuable
  • Instituted an on-line lead generation program leveraging white papers and case studies

Because RSC recognizes MMPR as a full member of their communications team, MMPR is able to work closely with RSC and its US-based partners to identify the best opportunities to become a strong and vocal member of the SAP user community in the US. RSC remains a valued client.

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