150% increase in coverage
Briefings with dozens of publications and analysts
Improved messaging and positioning
Seven major award wins
Java Developer's Journal 2003 Readers' Choice Award
Three MobileVillage Awards in 2003
JavaPro 2003 Reader's Choice Award
CrossRoads A-List 2003
Cover Story in Wireless Business & Technology
ADT Mag.com
Database Trends & Applications
Intelligent Enterprise
Bruce Scott, an early evangelist of Java and a recognized industry pioneer and leader in Java database technology, launched PointBase, Inc. in 1998. A founding member of Oracle Corporation in 1977 and a true visionary, Scott was one of the first to develop and introduce through PointBase a 100% Java, small-footprint relational database management system for laptop computers, PDAs, cell phones and other portable and mobile devices. PointBase was sculpting the industry, clearly taking a market leadership role for managing and synchronizing enterprise data. Their work was instrumental in fueling the burgeoning field of enterprise data mobility.

After several years of successful PR with another agency, PointBase decided to restructure its internal marketing and, in the process, brought its PR programs in-house. They ultimately realized there is more to PR than issuing press releases and discovered they could have both continued PR success and cost savings by utilizing a virtual PR team. PointBase selected Milani Marketing & PR to jump-start its PR program, based on MMPR's prior experience with Java and in the mobile market.

The near-term PointBase focus was to extend the reach of enterprise data to mobile devices, provide data management resources for multi-tier applications, create and support the data management and persistence capabilities required for mobile applications, and provide an Enterprise-level compatible SQL database for the Java development community.

MMPR's challenge was to tell the PointBase story in compelling terms on multiple levels. An aggressive analyst program was essential, as these industry influencers play a key role in IT decision processes involving enterprise mobility strategies. The company also needed an executive and developer-centric speaker program . MMPR would combine these initiatives with consistent targeted media outreach, strategically-placed contributed articles and executive guest views.

The Milani Marketing and Public Relations strategy led PointBase to a very high level of favorable market recognition and position. Specific results included:

Over 150% increase in media coverage over the prior year, with roughly the same number of press releases, due to improved messaging and positioning and a revised program of media outreach
Briefings with over a dozen key industry publications and top-tier industry analysts
Consistent favorable mentions of PointBase in related articles and analyst reports
Seven major award wins, including the rigorous and highly competitive 2003 Crossroads A-List Award in the Java Embedded Database Category, and three Mobile Village Mobile Star awards across the entire product line (PointBase Embedded, PointBase Micro, and PointBase Unisync)
Successful leveraging of Bruce Scott's experience and market status to gather recognition of his status as an industry visionary and leader in developing mobility and synchronization solutions
Cover story for November issue of Wireless Business & Technology, pitched, secured and authored by MMPR, featuring an ISV solution and end user customer implementing PointBase technology

For the WB&T cover article, MMPR successfully managed multiple approval processes for the involved parties, ensured each set appropriate expectations and then met them. Full Article

Frequent and close communication between PointBase and MMPR allowed us to achieve the desired results for all PR programs initiated, increasing the ROI for PointBase on its PR budget substantially. From the start, PointBase made Milani Marketing & PR a trusted team member and marketing partner, which enabled successful integration and orchestration of multiple PR programs on their behalf.

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