Micro Focus

Enterprise Application and Mainframe Modernization Solutions & Application Portfolio Management

Primary audiences: Developers & Development Managers
Secondary audience: C-level

Micro Focus: A public company based in the UK, Micro Focus was seeking an agency to quickly increase its media coverage in U.S. markets for its Application Modernization products. MicroFocus was known mostly as a COBOL company and many observers in the press saw COBOL as a dying industry, especially in the wake of the market's faded excitement about "Y2K" related modernization projects. In this milieu, Micro Focus sought to shift the marketís perception regarding the company from COBOL to a more generalized Application Modernization niche

MMPR undertook to help Micro Focus in its simultaneous perception-shifting and market-building efforts. Part of the agency challenge was to gain a powerful, consistent message in a business context of a public company with many operational layers, multiple international PR agencies, and a marketing system dependant upon a very large, distributed sales team. By the end of the first eight months Micro Focus had –

  • Over 75 pieces of U.S. media coverage (not including web site release pickups)
  • Three Contributed articles, with two more in progress at time of agency change
  • Five case studies created with eight additional case studies edited and "refreshed" across numerous vertical markets, particularly banking & insurance.
  • Over 20 press releases generated across five product lines
  • Program to overhaul the white paper library and web site delivery system

With our help, MicroFocus significantly increased its US presence with press (we did not handle analyst relations for this client) and when a new change in Communications Management occurred, we worked hand-in-glove with the new agency to make sure a seamless transfer of information assets and services occurred without losing any opportunities that were then in progress.

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