Koders Inc. (Acquired in 2008 by BlackDuck Software) Open source and enterprise code search solutions

Primary audience: Developers

In 2005 Koders, Inc. , a start-up seeking to capture the Open Source and enterprise code search solution space, engaged MMPR for assistance.

Through our efforts, Koders became the global leader in code search for developer networks and individual programmers early-on. Koders solutions allow software development teams to quickly search, review and report on existing code within their firewall and in open source repositories. By leveraging code from both open source and/or enterprise code sources, developers could bring applications to market faster, with fewer defects, and at substantial cost savings.

The first goal was to reach out to the various developer communities, and secondarily, to engage the CIO community when the Koders enterprise-level solution was "ready for "prime time."

During our relationship, MMPR developed needed corporate collateral and made recommended website revisions; established mindshare with industry influencers in the analyst community; increased discussions amongst developer blogs and communities; facilitated coverage in top-tier developer, tech and business publications resulting in Koders being perceived as the leader in source code search industry.

In 2008, Black Duck Software, a company best known for its services and software for the procurement and re-use of open source software, acquired Koders to integrate the company's search technology into its own product line, promising to enhance the Koders search engine while leaving its basic nature unchanged.

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