JetBrains s.r.o. (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Developer Tools

Primary audience: Developers
Secondary audience: Development Managers

JetBrains didn't want to be known as the largest provider of IDEs, just the provider of the best IDE. It would take proper messaging and positioning from the onset to carve JetBrains a position in the consolidating U.S. IDE market and to successfully position against Eclipse in 2003. The campaign had terrific, traceable results:

  • Less than 6 weeks after the initial team teleconference in 2002, MMPR conducted a highly successful in-person tour of industry analysts and key media people, followed closely by the execution of a steady stream of timed press announcements
  • Augmented this build-up with an aggressive product review and awards program.
  • Over 700% Increase in Market Coverage in the first 8 months over prior year
  • Ongoing media and analyst visibility contributed to year over year growth in the software development tools market both in Java and .NET technologies as new products and technologies were developed
  • Successfully assisted JetBrains in bringing its post-campaign PR in-house in 2007 with ongoing continued contact and support as requested.

JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA is now the only commercial IDE remaining on the market, and its sales still grow year after year. JetBrains demonstrates that, for companies willing to make a genuine connection with their markets, there is no meaningful barrier to achieving dramatic success and profitability in new technological and geographical markets.

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