To have maximum effect on the market, your company's new developments must be communicated as news while they are still fresh. But, because you're so close to what you do, it's easy to miss when something you are doing, or have done, has real news value, or perception-shifting strength when viewed by an outside source. Milani ensures you do not lose golden opportunities to get your company name in front of the people who follow your field, opportunities that will enhance your position in the very markets where you operate. Milani ensures you keep your name prominent at every successful turn your company makes including:

♦ New product releases and product enhancements
♦ Changes in corporate positioning
♦ Strategic alliances
♦ New customer wins
♦ Customer success stories
♦ Awards you win, speaking engagements you participate in
♦ White Paper releases
♦ New hires of key personnel
♦ Corporate philanthropy and service to the community

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